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THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE COLLECTION OF JIM LINDERMANCOMING SOON FROM DUST TO DIGITAL! Grammy Nominee Jim Linderman (Take Me to the Water) uses over 100 original, vintage photographs from his collection to tell an unconventional history of the birth of Rock and Roll! Unlike any music book you have seen. Using visual images to draw surprising conclusions which will inform the casual music fan and the expert alike, the author and collector reveals a musical history long forgotten. 

ARGENTINA MARRESQUE: Comic Foreground Novelty PhotographsCutout novelty photographs were invented by the same guy who first painted dogs playing poker. That astounding fact may just be enough for you to purchase this, the most curious of books, but collector Jim Linderman throws in a few more encouragements. One, all the photographs included in the book predate 1930, and two, all are from Argentina.

Cassis Marcellus Coolidge is credited with creating "comic foregrounds" which put a sitter behind a caricatured painting. Staple of carnivals, "just off the exit" rest stops and anywhere one wants to have fun looking stupid. Argentina Tintamarresque, as odd as it may seem, collects 70 pages full of them

HOOFERS AND SWEETHEARTS: THE LITTLE WOMEN OF FRANK WENDT Known for his photographs of circus freaks and sideshow performers, turn of the century artist Frank Wendt had another line...HOOFERS and SWEETHEARTS presents Wendt's Little Women. Children who worked as hard as adults in the tainted and tawdry early days of the American show business industry. Child labor laws did not apply, and these young "earners" helped fill the seats in the Vaudeville theaters of the late 19th Century. 80 pages of illustrations from the photography collection of Jim LindermanSMUT BY MAIL: VINTAGE GRAPHICS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF OBSCENITY by Jim LindermanUsing the archive of Original mail-order forms from the 1950s and 1960s collected by Victor Minx SMUT BY MAIL: VINTAGE  GRAPHICS FROM THE GOLDEN DAYS OF OBSCENITY illustrates some 150 examples of art used to promote and sell soft-core porn. Today laughable and virtually innocent, at the time the producers of the material were hounded by postal authorities and subjected to numerous censorship cases, which the essay by Jim Linderman discusses.  Colorful, vibrant and downright odd, it is another example of formerly lost and forgotten art being brought to attention by Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books.  Striking primitive and naive graphics which pre-date the punk esthetic by 20 years.  20 pages of the 2011 book are available for preview HERE.  Certainly one of the most unusual and interesting vernacular art books of the year.THE ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR BOOK : SMUT AND THE MILWAUKEE OBSCENITY BUST 1957 by Jim Linderman  Writer and collector Jim Linderman from the noted blog Dull Tool Dim Bulb finds yet another forgotten story. In 1957 Milwaukee, hapless bookstore owner Samuel R. Hochman is arrested and convicted of obscenity attempting to stock his shelves with sleazy digest books produced by criminal elements, hack writers using fake names and the startling illustrations of Eugene Bilbrew and Eric Stanton. With Court transcripts, vintage ads, scarce mail order catalogs and more, the unfortunate story is told here for the first time. 

INCLUDES a reprint of the ENTIRE BOOK for Which Hochman was convicted, THE SEX FACTORY by H. Tennob. Not seen for over 50 years, the book contains numerous Bilbrew illustrations which have never been reprinted. Of interest to legal scholars, book collectors and anyone who enjoys a true story with spicy pictures!  

THE PAINTED BACKDROP: BEHIND THE SITTER IN AMERICAN TINTYPE PHOTOGRAPHY by Jim LindermanThe previously untold story of 19th century painters and their influence on American photography during the tintype era. Never before examined in detail, the book contains over 75 rare, unpublished original tintype photographs from the Jim Linderman collection. A Grammy nominated writer and collector who has been called "the perfect subject for a Harvey Pekar comic" this book is informed with Linderman's wit and continues his examination of previously overlooked art and photography subjects. 80 Pages, 8' x 10" with essays by Jim Linderman and Kate Bloomquist.CAMERA CLUB GIRLS:  BETTIE PAGE AND THE WORK OF RUDOLPH ROSSI by Jim LindermanFor over 50 years, the extraordinary Hand-Painted Original Photographs of Bettie Page and nude models of the 1950s taken by Rudolph Rossi lay hidden. Now, for the first time, over 100 have been published in Camera Club Girls by Jim Linderman. 114 pages, 35 pages of text and 180 pictures, the book tells the story of the informal groups of early camera enthusiasts in New York City who paid ten dollars each to photograph naked women, including Bettie Page, in dingy studios and outdoor excursions. As much the history of early erotic photography and Times Square smut as it is the story of the exceptional personal vision of an artist, master photographer and painter which has not been told until now. The photographic find of the decade, and an amazing story which combines passion, painting, photography and early porno in a tale never told. Preview 15 pages of the book at right and order.NOW AVAILABLEIN SITU: AMERICAN FOLK ART IN PLACE by Jim LindermanOver 100 vintage and contemporary photographs from the Jim Linderman collection of arcane Americana.  The third book published by Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books is "In Situ: American Folk Art in Place" which features antique and vintage photographs of unusual and obscure carvings, sculpture, signs and folk art created by eccentrics over the last hundred years. Striking photos, mostly from “real photo postcards” which were actual photographs printed on cardstock to be mailed and all from the collection of Jim Linderman, who has been called “a character who seems the perfect subject for a Harvey Pekar comic” and that “there’s something beyond the endless photos and postcards and weird propaganda from another time that he lovingly documents…a person fascinated with culture and communication.” A 112 page book. The Linderman collection was used for source material for the Grammy nominated release “Take Me to the Water: Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography” and this volume continues to reveal extraordinary images from what one reviewer has called “discarded artifacts of ecstatic Americana.”NOW AVAILABLETAKE ME TO THE WATER: IMMERSION BAPTISM IN VINTAGE MUSIC AND PHOTOGRAPHY 1890-1950 Photographs from the Jim Linderman collection with a CD of historic early recordings. Produced by Steven Lance Ledbetter. Essays by Jim Linderman, Luc Sante.  Published 2009 by Dust to Digital.  Reviews, Film, Press Releases, etc.  A published hardcover book 96 pages with CD 2009.  Site contains film, reviews, press-kit, links.BUY HEREGRAMMY NOMINATED December 2009 in the Best Historical Album Category.  Nominated Best Research in Recorded Country Music  Association for Recorded Sound Collections 2010VINTAGE SLEAZEEssays and profiles of artists, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers, models and merchants who excelled at exploitation and enticement from the glory days of vintage sleaze. Victor Minx, Eugene Bilbrew, Bill Alexander, Eric Stanton and Bill Ward. Remarkable illustrators who produced work for Eddie Mishkin and his line of sleaze paperbacks in the 1960's...as well as dozens of speed-driven perverts who catered to the huge market for dames and dolls following WW2.  Examples of vintage sleaze illustration produced by anonymous or forgotten inkers of the 1950s. Related vintage sleaze ephemera. Brief essays, history and tidbits.  Smart, clever, colorful and highly recommended. Low Art goes High Art!  DAILY FREE and OUTSTANDING. Vintage Sleaze the BLOGold time religion  Vernacular religious detritus from the Jim Linderman collection of photography and ephemera. Jesus is my jet plane and I have the Lord on speed dial. Old Time Religion is a natural line extension from Dull Tool Dim Bulb, where posts of this nature occur every Saturday night while the rest of you are sinning. Wake up, it is Sunday morning!  Praise the Lord and Click to EnlargeSHY SHAMED SECRET SHADOWED HIDDEN: VINTAGE VERNACULAR EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHYBy Victor Minx with Jim Linderman80 pages over 100 illustrations Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden consists of approximately 100 original photographs from the collection of Victor Minx, the pseudonym of a prominent collector of vintage photographs. They were selected for their pathos, artistic quality (or lack of it) historical interest and most of all, their authenticity. Each has something to say about the relationship between women and men, sexuality, commerce, and how we define lust, desire, legitimacy, intimacy and allure. Each depicts an individual (or several on occasion) engaging in behavior which was not intended to be shared in proper company, yet each was taken, preserved and exists nonetheless, regardless of convention and acceptable standards at the time.GALS GAMS GARTERS40 pages  By Victor Minx with Jim LindermanA circa 1950 homemade scrapbook assembled by an anonymous aficionado of the female form (in nylon) found by a student in Virginia scrounging through dumpsters. A master of collage with scissors and tape, he meticulously created a giant homage to Gals Gams and Garters. Faithfully recreated here by owner Victor Minx, the pseudonym of a prominent photography collector and with an introduction by Jim Linderman.SECRET HISTORY OF THE BLACK PINUP: WOMEN OF COLOR FROM PINUP TO PORNIntrigued by the question "Why aren't there any black pin up girls" on an internet message board, writer Jim Linderman decided to find out. With 100 rare vintage photographs all showing women of color in magazines not seen for over 50 years, Linderman not only reveals many answers to the question, he reveals a long gone part of America and African-American culture. Secret of the Black Pin Up takes us from "tease" to "sleaze" and reveals a world never before seen. Using rare photos and publications, the untold story of African-American women in the soft-core pornography world from 1940 to date. Yes, there WERE black pin ups, and they are found here. 120 pages